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The 4 Steps to Consider When Buying in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re interested in buying a piece of Puerto Vallarta real estate property, the options are plenty, from houses to condominiums to apartments to resorts villas and more. If you’re a foreigner, it pays to know that the government of Mexico has made the process of buying and owning property easier and faster for international investors. Legislation updates in the past have made it possible to buy a home even without an immigrant or resident status.

However, this doesn’t mean that home buying in Puerto Vallarta is any easier or less complicated than buying property elsewhere. Getting the right information, and obtaining specific details such as property options and ownership rules according to location, financing terms and intended use, can be tricky.

Making sure you make the right decisions as a home buyer entails taking the following steps:

Getting expert help. Work with a reputable real estate agency specializing in Puerto Vallarta to ensure the decision you make will be based on expert counsel and insider/local knowledge. A reliable buyer’s agent can assist you through a wide range of services, from helping you get to know the neighborhood, to understanding the financing options available to you, to finding a home, to hiring a lawyer and other professionals, tradespeople and service providers that you need during house-hunting and beyond.

Making your choice. Any buyer, regardless of the area they have chosen, needs to do his or her homework before finally making a decision. This is important even more so when you’re buying a home in Mexico, where seller’s disclosure statements are not part of the SOP. Talk to your agent about finding a trustworthy home inspection professional to help you gauge the real state of the property you’re eyeing.

Closing the deal. To close the deal properly, you need to make sure all official paperwork is completed and you have paid the required closing fees. The process of transferring ownership to you and the total amount of transaction fees will depend on the purchase price, notary rate and other factors. Some buyers simply get help from realtors that offer an all-in-one service including the assistance of a personal closing coordinator to make this stage more efficient, and to ensure all bases are covered.

Taking care of odds and ends. Buying a house requires completing a load of paperwork, going through a network of processes and taking care of a million moving details. Some of the concerns you need to address after you have acquired the property include transferring subscriptions or services to utilities such as Internet, electricity, phone and water service accounts. Many foreign investors also get relocation assistance services to ease the transition of moving to a new home overseas.

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